G.D. Memorial Specialties Hospital

G.D. Memorial Foundation Trust with is objective to serve the society with providing multi-specialties medical facilities which should be within the reach of common people established "G.D. Memorial Specialties Hospital".

1.This Hospital is attached to the G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Patna to impart clinical teaching to the students. Interns and student are encouraged to participate in all the clinical and surgical activities under the guidance of expert in the field.

2.All care has been taken to equip this Hospital with the advanced technology beside the high profile physician. This enables us to provide round the clock medical as well as surgical service including the 24 hours emergency.

3.There are facility for both General ward and private rooms which are kept in most hygienic condition.

4.OPDs of the hospital as become very popular within very short span of its establishment. More than 200 patients are visiting OPD every working day.

5.Beside all regular facility following department in the hospital are well equipped with expert personnel as well as equipments.

6.Operation Theater: Full proof operation theater with advanced equioments is available.

7.Gynaecological Service: 24 hour maternity service is available.

8.Pediatric Clinic: This is one of the most popular clinic of our Hospital.

9.Psychiatry Clinic: This is our specialty where we are providing counseling and treatment to the psychic patients.

10.Pathological Laboratory: Our Lab technicians are well trained and take great care in there investigation.

11.X-Ray Service: Most advanced X-ray machine is installed in the Hospital Premises.

12.Medical Store: Hospital has round the clock medical store facility.

13.Besides providing medical services with the Homoeopathic system of Medicine, we believe in Holistic health, as such we have added some of the Alternative methods of treatment.

14.Physiotherapy Clinic: We have included physiotherapy in our Hospital, with all modern amenities. Well trained physiotherapist are serving the patient.

15.Yoga Clinic: Both training and therapeutics facility is available under the guidance of expert Yoga. They also participate in clinical meetings of the Hospital.

16.Herbal Clinic: We have added Ayurvedic medical clinic to provide herbal services by reputed Ayurvedic Vaidya.

17.Acupressure & Acupuncture Clinic: We have well trained Acupressure and Acupuncture practitioner in our Hospital.

18.Peripheral Dispensary: with a view to extend medical facilities in and around the Hospital premises, peripheral dispensary are established. Regular posting of medical officer as well as intern helps to provide medical facilities in those area

Details of Clinical material in the hospital