Hostel facility is available for both boys and girls in separate accommodation. After getting admission in the college, students will have to apply for the Hostel seats in prescribed application form available on payment. Strict disciplines are to be maintained in the Hostel. Hostel is under the charge of our teaching faculty duly authorized for the purpose with a view to keep vigilant for all round maintenance of discipline. Hostel facilities are subject to the following terms and condition:

1. Admission in Hostel is for one academic year. For re-admission in the next academic years they will have apply a fresh

2. Student will have to attend the classes regularly.

3. Students will have to abide by the guidelines of the Hostel and maintain a harmony in discipline.

4. Student must follow the time-table as prescribed by the authority of the Hostel

5. Any Student get sick must inform the warden for necessary action to be taken by them

6. The mess charges as prescribed by the Hostel will have to be paid in time

7. All charges for the Hostel, including mess charges are to be paid in advance