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G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

East Ramkrishna Nagar, Near New Bypass, Patna - 800027, Bihar
Recognized by the CCH/ NCH/ Ministry of AYUSH (Govt. of India), New Delhi
Affiliated to BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar


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Dr. Ramjee Singh, M.D. (Hom)


G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital was the dream project of Dr. Ramjee Singh who got it realized with his zeal and passion to excel in the Homoeopathic Education. Challenging task of creating a temple of learning in Homoeopathy was possible only with the time and devotion. One finds the spirit of dedication and strength of mind in Dr. Ramjee Singh through his ever non-tiring working habit. Being raised from a very grass-root level Dr. Ramjee Singh reached the height of profession and today he is the most popular leader, policy maker, practitioner and above all educationist. He was elected as a member of Central Council of Homoeopathy in the early 1991 and was elevated to be the Vice President.

A widely traveled person, Dr. Ramjee Singh has opportunity to travel all over the country and got acquainted with the problems faced both in teaching and practicing Homoeopathy. His visit to Homoeopathic colleges spread all over the country helped him develop a very emotional attachment with the Homoeopathic Education and thus helped in realizing the dream of model Homoeopathic Medical College.

Cool at heart and alert at mind, Dr. Ramjee Singh acquired a status of visionary; as such he has become a friend and advisor to his colleague and source of inspiration to new comer in the field. Patience hearing right from the early morning and never loosing his temper is one of the greatest qualities which helped develop a vast community surrounding him. Depth of his personality is visible with his understanding of the value of time and money, not wasted for himself or of the others. Creativity is well witnessed in Dr. Ramjee Singh as one can observe always busy discussing with colleagues, delegates and listening to the students. His passion to construct building resulted in the growth of a vast institution like GDHMCH.

Dr. Ramjee Singh is full of zeal and enthusiasm. He is regarded as a great advisor and consultant and critical analyzer. He is the member of board of study of several, universities of India. His ability to guide can be witnessed in him being guide and examiner for several universities in the country. His ability to present the problems and also to provide solution is well appreciated by the senior profession members in the country. Participation in Seminar and learning the new development in Homoeopathic speaks of his interest in acquiring more knowledge. He will never rest till the things are set to order. His presentation of scientific papers, discussion, workshop and presidential speech are regarded of high grade.

Traveling is his passion. Widely traveled throughout the country throughout the year is very common for him. His interest also made him to visit abroad and thus he visited several countries like Germany, Switzerland and other. His participation in International Seminar is well known to all. Love for Homoeopathy and solving the problem is also witnessed in his practice of Homoeopathy. His Clinics and OPD is very popular among his patient and today he is regarded as one of the busiest Homoeopath in the Country.